Super Invincible Records’ offices in Taipei — we’re just past the third Seven Eleven on the right.

We love records. We’re hooked on vinyl and the indie shops that carry our drug of choice. In fact, if it weren’t for indie record shops, our lives would have turned out quite differently and so we at Super Invincible set out to have a special relationship with independent record shops and the souls that run them. As far as we know, we’re the only label out there that debuts releases across 12 exclusive independent shops — a different 12 shops in 12 different cities worldwide for each Super Invincible release — promoting the shops themselves as we’re promoting the release. The selected shops receive two advance copies of the release and a special edition art poster featuring their shop along with the entire list for that release.

Vinyl records have made a tremendous comeback and there are very good reasons for this. In this age of fragmented music, streaming services and playlists in cafés what’s missing in music is context. Albums are about context; they are snapshots in time, a chapter in a band’s or artist’s life, and a chapter in yours. Vinyl records are physical objects; the ritualistic act of playing them itself contributes to the beauty of the experience. They are cultural artifacts highly suited to expression of artistic vision with their large format, gatefold covers, inserts, liner notes and superior sound.

We’re devoted to the vinyl record album and the shops that carry them. We’re a young new label on a beautiful island reissuing forgotten classics and representing emerging artists with a catalog that intends to grow. Thanks for checking us out! Every release is going to be special.

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